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Love Rewritten by J. Saman


Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: Abby Scofield’s love life has been all sorts of wrong.

So when lacrosse star, Brandon Kessler, comes along with his all-American good looks, easy disposition and magnetic charm, things seem to be looking up. Even if they come from two totally different worlds.

Xander Novak is the gorgeous, volatile and often times mean best friend of Abby’s twin brother, Aubrey. Her relationship with him is strained at best. But when Xander moves in unexpectedly, things seem to shift between them. But in what direction?

One night of deception, lies, and heartbreak are a common link the three share. When the truth about that night comes out, none of their lives will ever be the same.

Will Abby be able to find the love she’s been searching for or will everything in her world fall apart?

Warning: Strong language and moderate sexual content.


This story is a tad complex which only adds to its overall charm, making this read quite an enjoyable one!

The characters are all well-developed, strong, and raw with an authentic touch to them. The plot is absolutely beautiful and well-thought of. “Love Rewritten” is a story that keeps flowing from beginning to end and before you know it, you’re gently tugged into a captivating world, jam-packed with heart-warming and heart-wrenching events. You think you know what will happen next but that cleverly-built-up-suspense is just another part of the magical experience.

This is not your classical love triangle, not even close. This is a story that will make you feel things, mixed-up emotions, good and bad, happy and sad, and boy that you’ll enjoy the emotional rollercoaster! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an agreeable read.

I would like to thank the lovely J. Saman for sending me an ARC of this beautiful book.

Goodreads link: Love Rewritten

Amazon link: Love Rewritten

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Forward by J. Saman


Rating: 5/5


He promised to love me forever. But when I woke up to find Levi gone without a trace, he broke that promise.

Lara Gould finally has everything going for her. Amazing job, great apartment and a boyfriend who loves her. That is, until one night when her past and present collide. The man she thought she’d love forever vanished without a trace seven years ago, breaking her heart. Suddenly Levi has returned and is making some big waves in Lara’s life. But can she trust him? Why did he leave all those years ago? Her new boyfriend Tom, is perfect. Smart, sexy and adoring with a British accent Lara can’t help but love. When Tom asks her for a future in another country, Lara finds she has a big decision to make. Who does she move forward with? The man of her past or the man of her present.


If you get the chance to move forward, will you still be tempted to fall back into the arms of an old flame? In the battle between the heart and the mind, sometimes it’s wise to listen to the voice of reason, other times, it’s more tempting to follow your heart. So will Lara go for the obvious choice? The charming gentleman named Tom or will she decide to give Levi a second chance? The man who, seven years ago, had vanished without a single word of notice, leaving her helplessly picking up the shattered pieces of her broken heart.

“I went from thinking about moving away with my boyfriend for a year, to seeing the ex-love of my life, all in one night. Today of all days. I hate irony.”

There is a fine line between what is convenient and what is right. Convenience is safe but what is right is what ignites our souls and make our hearts shiver. It was quite interesting to see the protagonist swing between what is convenient and what truly makes her whole being come to life.

The plot has a tint of realism to it and I enjoyed every second of the, tragic yet happy, journey. Even though it’s a romantic novel, it has a bit of everything and it will keep you guessing till the very pleasant end. The main characters have a nice depth to them and the supporting ones are all quite interesting.

This is the second book by J. Saman that I’ve read and I loved it just as much. This skilful author will make you crave more of her beautiful writing; stories that will easily make you smile, laugh, and sometimes even shed a tear or two. So be prepared for the remarkable ride!

Last but not least, I would like to thank the lovely J. Saman for sending me a copy of this beautiful book. I will definitely be looking forward (see what I did there) to reading more of her wonderful work.

Goodreads link: Forward