If you didn’t exist


If you didn’t exist, I would’ve grasped a wedge of the moon, a twosome of shining stars, dancing clouds and trickling drops of a raging storm and I would’ve crafted you like the most beautiful piece of art. If you didn’t exist, I would’ve wandered in the abandoned forests, making your lips out of rare flowers. I would’ve turned the deep darkness of the skies into wild strings of your velvety hair and the infinity of the ocean into those mesmerising eyes of yours, scrupulous like a summer night. Love of my life, if you weren’t my destiny, I would’ve painted you on a canvas, tracing the edges of your soft hands like the graceful feathers of a swan. My love, if you weren’t born, I would’ve spent my life creating the eternal essence of your magical soul.



When the sky turns dark and the night gets cold
I’ll be the flickering light in that little star of gold
You stare at it every night, waiting for a story to be told
Little star, a bit shy, a bit nervous but never too bold
You wait, sometimes you get tired, sometimes you get bored
And you keep waiting and then wonder what mystery does she hold
And you keep waiting till you hit the threshold
Little star has a story to be told
Alas, that story will never be sold