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Feeling Great by Peter Vegso, Dadi Janki, Kelly Johnson


Rating: 4/5


“To feel good, positive, and great, I must realize that I need to change—because a better way of life is in my hands.”—Dadi Janki

Feeling great is not something that can be bottled and bought. It does not come from where we live, what we drive, or who we know. It’s not about having a good time for a few hours, or about having money to spend. It’s about putting your life in order and remembering who you really are—an authentic way of living from the inside that will sustain you through life’s challenges.

In this treasure of a book, built on the timeless spiritual teachings of visionary Dadi Janki, you will learn the precepts for feeling great and the three keys that unlock the ability to attain it. Parables and examples further illuminate this wisdom. Coauthors Peter Vegso and Kelly Johnson reveal practical applications to help you navigate and overcome the sticking points we all encounter in our hectic, overscheduled lives.

Now is the time to start feeling great—not as a temporary indulgence, but as a lasting state of being. This uplifting book shows you how easy it can be.


This book starts with short stories told by people who had a near-death experience; an event which managed to swiftly change their lives forever. As you go further into the book, several questions will pop up. Can a person choose to feel great regardless of their circumstances? Is it even a possibility or is it just an illusion, a faraway star people keep wishing upon?

This book contains a wide variety of concepts, ideas, and thoughts and as I read between its lines, I slowly found myself pondering upon several points. I did not take anything as a fact and I also didn’t feel the urge to agree or disagree with the authors which definitely enhanced my experience.

This book is tinted with positivity and it will definitely entice you to think more about the concept of “feeling great”. All in all, I quite enjoyed this read and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to add a sprinkle of positivity and a splash of optimism to the intriguing mixture of their lives.

I would like to thank NetGalley, the publishers, and the author for providing me with a Copy of this book.

Goodreads link: Feeling Great

Amazon link: Feeling Great


4 thoughts on “Feeling Great by Peter Vegso, Dadi Janki, Kelly Johnson”

  1. Hi Jane,

    This book is all about “the choice” and the concept of “your thoughts create your reality”. So it’s definitely a kind reminder to stop and think instead of unconsciously chasing after something we already have within! Feeling great/miserable is, as you mentioned, a choice and we could always choose how to feel, regardless of the circumstances (even thought it’s not always as easy as it sounds and sometimes a little misery could hold a lot of invaluable lessons for the soul). So if this book doesn’t add anything new to your existing knowledge, it will definitely be a nice reminder that will brighten up your day 🙂

  2. Hajar, you already know I’m inclined to Zenishness. Do you think this book has anything to add for someone who already believes suffering is a choice?

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