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Fairy Tale Destruction: A Book of Dark Poetry by Erik Straker


Rating: 3/5

Synopsis: A compilation of horror poems, dark rhymes, evil verses, and songs of love.

A wild ride through the mind of an angry young man who both loved and hated the world. A bitter struggle to reconcile with the horrors of life, the idea of religion, and the violence inherent in the world.

The first part of the collection — Beast and Beauty — contains ten poems representing what is both ugly and beautiful in the world.

Birth of a Serial Killer
Baby Doll Dead
Dead Man
The Beautiful Bloody Kiss
In the Dark
I Feel Within
Cry to Heaven
Dark Paths
Confessions of an Android
Fairy Tale Destruction

The second part of the collection — Love and Hate — contains ten poems representing pieces written from extreme feelings of love and hate. Some are beautiful. Some are wretched.

Photographs of You
In Winter
One Wish
The Virgin Bleeds
Pound of Flesh
The Speed of Ghosts
Dead Children
Eat Your Family
The Unholy Rape
Resurrecting Monsters

FAIRY TALE DESTRUCTION is a dark and bloody book of stanzas that delves deep into the mind and heart of a tortured artist’s fractured psyche.

Review: If you are looking for poems the shade of rainbows and butterflies, then I strongly advise you to look elsewhere. But in case you are in the mood for poems jam-packed with anger, hate, confusion, suicidal thoughts, death, and many other trigger warnings then the « Fairy Tale Destruction » could be what you’re looking for.

The poems in this book are disturbing, shocking, and bloody dark hence the name “A Book of Dark Poetry“; it definitely lives up to it! Most of the time, it feels like the author is daring you to keep on reading while pushing you out of your comfort zone, thus testing your limits. But that is exactly what makes this book worth a read. It’s an open gate into the raw angry thoughts of a person who’s been through hell and beyond. So read at your own risk!

“I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book or the content of my review.”

Goodreads link: Fairy Tale Destruction: A Book of Dark Poetry

Amazon link: Fairy Tale Destruction: A Book of Dark Poetry


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