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Wish Witch by Piper Alexander


Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: What would you wish for?

Calamity Jane Cartwright is a walking disaster. She’s come to terms with it. If there’s a way to break something, she’ll break it. If there’s not a way, she’ll still break it. Naturally, this talent eventually gets on her last good nerve, making Jane wish for a better life.

But Jane’s not normal. She’s the Wish Witch and making a simple wish is enough to unlock her powers and transport her to the magical land known as The Plains. Now Jane has to accept the fact that magic is real and that she is one of the most powerful witches of this generation… and that the tall, handsome stranger with the badge and the big wand might be more than just a little interested.

When Jane’s first customer ends up dead, she worries that her bad luck followed her to her new life. But now she has new friends and family at her side. And the power to make a difference.

Now she’s ready to show someone they messed with the wrong witch.

Review: Wish Witch was such a light, fun, and pleasant read and I loved every second of it.

If you are looking for a touch of magic, coloured with just the right amount of mystery and humour then this story is definitely for you.

I quite enjoyed Calamity Jane and Claire’s relationship dynamic. And I found her Granny, “the meanest witch in town” to be very amusing. Her wild sayings are, without the slightest doubt, my favourite!

After reading this fun piece of art, I got all hyped up for the next book. I can, certainly, see this turning into a sequel that I would definitely love to read.

I would recommend this to everyone and I would also love to thank the lovely “Piper Alexander” for sending me a copy of this beautiful book. I’ll definitely be looking forward to reading more of her work!

Goodreads link: Wish Witch

Amazon link: Wish Witch


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